The Indecency Of Sarah Palin

Harold Pollack explains better than I would.


3 Responses to “The Indecency Of Sarah Palin”

  1. Kelly Hettrick Says:

    If it weren’t for people like Sarah Palin we would all speak Russian.
    She tells the truth like she sees it, we are so lucky to have her.
    You should be ashamed to doubt her.

  2. AmandaandBenjamin Head Says:

    Sarah Palin is an inspiration to any man, woman, or child who is hanging on to their morals in this corrupted world.
    God Bless Her.

  3. Juice Valley Says:

    Sarah’s supporters are intelligent, informed and don’t have to have a community organizer to tell them where to go and what to say and who needs to bring the coffee and juice….we have read the bill and we are not like sheeps to slaughter. For those of you who just latch onto Obama who lied repeatedly during the campaign to get your votes…it’s ok to admit you were wrong. We won’t judge you…just read the bill…it’s in plain sight…Free health care is not free and neither is your freedom. It was bought and paid for. Now do the right thing and defend it by opposing this healthcare bill. They are shoving it down your throats for a reason. It is full of creepy government rights…instead of our rights.

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