The Men Who Don’t Seem To Know The US Is A Nation Of Laws

Some alpha males have spent to much time watching TV or taking meth or both, and seem to believe they have the right to self proclaim themselves Grand Jury.

Lowering The Bar explains:
A federal judge in D.C. recently dismissed a grand-jury indictment charging President Obama with treason. You may not have been aware that the President had actually been indicted for treason, which normally would be fairly big news. But it appears that this indictment was technically defective because the “grand jury” that issued it had not been convened by a court or prosecutor.

It was just some guys who got together and decided to indict the President.

Having surfed around the websites these clowns maintain, I wasn’t surprised to discover most of them are also birthers, so for full disclosure I will release my birth certificate:



4 Responses to “The Men Who Don’t Seem To Know The US Is A Nation Of Laws”

  1. Bob Says:

    You are just a tool and a fool. The day of reckoning is close and we the people will have the last laugh.
    God the almighty have mercy of you.

  2. graemebird Says:

    What is your point dummy? The left has come up with another forged document. That means every document the Obama camp has released is phony. No real documents. A bunch of phony documents.

    So what was your point again dummy?

  3. graemebird Says:

    Bear in mind that Berg has gotten a bunch of these fake-ups from the Obama camp. But he has had them all checked out and dismissed. Orly was good enough to include everyone in the process. So she lodged it, and then we were able to prove with absolute finality that it was another forged document.

    But what do you think the point of the story is? If we include the forged documents that Berg claims he has gotten over the last year, it may be as many as TEN forged documents coming out of the left.

    But what is YOUR point here?

    You just aren’t too bright are you?

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