Health Care Industry Shooting At Conservative Principles

It becomes more and more obvious every day that the health industry is hell bent into defending the status quo with fear mongering tactics aimed at seniors. It is also surreal to watch Republicans support attacks on Obama from the left, trying to demagogue him for making sensible cuts to the Medicare program they have long sought to reform.

The anti-reform ad bellow comes from the 60 Plus Association, a group closely linked to the Republican Party and financially backed by the health care industry.

In other words, the health industry and its Republican allies are shooting at conservative principles for short term political gain. In effect, without Medicare savings, the national tax burden must inevitably rise by at least four or five points of GDP as the baby boomers retire. History is full of ironies, and it may be that the success of the Medicare portion of Obama’s health plan is the only way to the next Republican tax cut.


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