Tea Parties And Town Hall Protesters Yelling At The Wrong Guy Says Supply-Side Economist

Even some of the architects of the “supply-side economics” theory, which later was embraced by Ronald Reagan, have to admit that conservatives who supported the GOP during the Bush years have lost all credibility and are ill placed to attack the Obama administration’s policies.


Bruce Bartlett, who helped develop supply-side economics while on the staff of Rep. Jack Kemp in the 1980s, explains:

I think conservative anger is misplaced. To a large extent, Obama is only cleaning up messes created by Bush. This is not to say Obama hasn’t made mistakes himself, but even they can be blamed on Bush insofar as Bush’s incompetence led to the election of a Democrat. If he had done half as good a job as most Republicans have talked themselves into believing he did, McCain would have won easily.

Conservative protesters should remember that the recession, which led to so many of the policies they oppose, is almost entirely the result of Bush’s policies. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession began in December 2007—long before Obama was even nominated. And the previous recession ended in November 2001, so the current recession cannot be blamed on cyclical forces that Bush inherited.

I never thought the day where I would find a Reagan enabler with whom I would agree would come. It has.


3 Responses to “Tea Parties And Town Hall Protesters Yelling At The Wrong Guy Says Supply-Side Economist”

  1. Won't Be Silenced In Texas Says:

    Just another RINO motherfucker. Doesn’t seem to remember Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Don’t criticize another Republican”.

  2. Jean Weingartner Says:

    Yes I am willing to say this has been happening for more the just the Bush years they are all one big happy family and I will admit outside of President Bush keeping us safe for eight years he helped bring this on and gave the torch to Obama ans said RUN MAN RUN so it hurts to know we were used by both parties but when will the other side admit the wrong being done to them by their party. I no longer affiliate myself with any party I’m disgusted with all of them.I voted for Bush twice but when it came to McCain if it weren’t for Sara he would not have gotten my vote.We need to forget any new things being passed til we clean up the corruption that is spreading like a virus from Washington to all parts of this country then we can start fresh and clean.

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