Greening The Rustbelt

The industrial Midwest has long been in need of a renaissance. Its factories have been losing jobs for decades, since long before the recession hit. The Economist explains what the green economy could do:

As the battle over a cap-and-trade bill continues in Congress, the industrial Midwest finds itself playing an awkward role. The climate bill offers two big opportunities, to reduce global warming and boost the green economy in the process. And nowhere are green jobs more loudly promoted than in the rustbelt. On August 5th Barack Obama and Joe Biden, his vice-president, travelled to Indiana and Michigan, two ailing swing states, to announce new grants to develop electric cars. But hopes for those new green jobs are matched by fears that traditional ones will be lost. With the Senate due to debate a cap-and-trade bill next month, the rustbelt and its politicians are at the heart of the battle.


One Response to “Greening The Rustbelt”

  1. Won't Be Silenced In Texas Says:

    Drill baby drill. That is what should be done rather than this commie nonsense. They don’t like it in their shithole? Move elsewhere, losers!

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