Britons About Free Health:US-Style


The British press has finally stepped in not only to defend the NHS, but also to expose the plight of the millions of uninsured and under-insured Americans who rely on charity for their health care. Charities who were initially meant to help third world countries.

The Mirror’s Ryan Perry reports:

In a huge stadium 100s of patients who can’t afford medical care get mass treatment. This frenetic scene could be the result of a devastating hurricane or terrorist attack…

Hundreds of Americans are crammed into a temporary health facility while thousands more queue outside. But this is no emergency. It is an everyday scene in a converted venue that exposes the brutal truth behind healthcare US-style.

I can only hope the Canadians follow suit and forget for a moment their mild manners and vigorously denounce the GOP’s slanderous characterization of Canadian health care.


3 Responses to “Britons About Free Health:US-Style”

  1. Won't Be Silenced In Texas Says:

    Hey commie prick, who cares about these losers relying on welfare because they are to lazy to get a job.
    The Limeys can suck my dick for all I care.

  2. Conservative WARRIOR Says:

    Well said Texas. I am not paying to give these losers free health care. Get a job!

  3. Hunter Says:

    Won’t be Silenced in Texas: I’m a Limey, and I’d happily suck your dick, but of course we’d have to find it first wouldn’t we? Sad thing is, when you get your ape like foot blown off because you’re too dumb to work a trigger who’s going to be there? Chances are, you’re so damn stupid, and you must be to believe this health care plan was a bad idea, that you can’t even read, let alone fill out insurance forms and, as such, getting you a new foot is going to cost you. Yet again, your pig ignorant opinions and credulity of right wing propaganda will persuade that it was Obama who set up a health system that is expensive, and requires insurance so you’ll pick up your gun and go to shoot him. And that’s when you lose your other foot. Because you, sir, are an ass, an arrogant, racist ass.

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