Visitors From Planet LaRouche

I already mentioned the role that Lyndon LaRouche’s movement plays in muddying the health care debate. Robert Mackey has a further look at the international impact of these wackos.

The fact that supporters of Mr. LaRouche’s conspiracy theories, who have long been a staple of political events in the United States, have somehow managed to use the health care debate to make their way on to national and international television is one of the stranger developments of the summer. So, too, is the fact that Mr. LaRouche’s idea that legislation in Congress contains provisions for “death panels” has made its way from the fringe to the center of the discussion.


4 Responses to “Visitors From Planet LaRouche”

  1. Traditional Values Says:

    Who cares of what foreigners think or say? Mr LaRouche is a true patriot in exposing the usurper and organizing against him.

  2. Conservative WARRIOR Says:

    Political correctness is the colon cancer of America.

  3. T-Mark Says:

    What a joke you pinkos are. The faster we get rid of you by any means the better.

  4. Czar obie Says:

    You and other commie libs are upset because your PLANTED and BUSSED IN ASTROTURF union thugs and Acorn rent-a-mobs didn’t make a dent in AUTHENTIC, GRASSROOTS PROTESTS. You libs are all wee-weeed up, like your boy leader.

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