Revolt Of The Stupid


Editorial art from cartoonist Marc Murphy. It is silly season, indeed.

Update see also Marty Peretz’s take on it.


6 Responses to “Revolt Of The Stupid”

  1. Bob Says:

    I believe if school children k-12 were given the highlights of all the lies, cheating, stealing, biting, threatening, prejudicial throws of his political romancing they would choose not to listen to a word he says…. on their own. Had this man been honest and forthcoming during his campaign and initial months in office I might respect him even with differing ideologies. But I have no respect for him. I want to teach these children WHY this man deserved zero respect and should never be given a platform. I am so, so sorry for the black community…. many of whom are flabbergasted at the direction he is taking us and the unbelievable lack of promised transparancy of his office. He fooled us all.

  2. Bob Says:

    Further, it is my job to protect my children and grandchildren from harms way.

    • rectonoverso Says:

      Oh pleeeeeeeease, spare me the “duty” thing. It’s not like you are “protecting” your children from the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Your kids have more to fear from their paranoid parents than an address by the President.

  3. Bob Says:

    I want them to be as aware of the misgivings and lies vomiting from this piece of work’s mouth as I would a pedophile living on the block.

  4. WWRTC Says:

    rectonoverso, why such arrogance from the Obots about parenting? The rabid Left and it’s Media lapdogs just cannot stop attacking anyone with genuine concern about the direction of this administration. Do you really want to continue this flame war with vast voting blocks in the American center? You are crazy man and you have no idea of what you face with your constant demonization of these good American citizens!

  5. Michelle Says:

    When a biased press pointedly refuses to vet a candidate and pulls out their handy-dandy race card anytime someone looks askance at this candidate, this is what they can expect. Neither them nor their candidate looks credible. In fact, the most innocent act looks downright suspicious to people who know they have been lied to by the media. NBC, your problem with American people isn’t that they are stupid, but that they righteously don’t trust you or your Socialist Poster Boy. You have only yourselves to blame, so deal with it.

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