Tempest In A Teapot


Planet Wingnutia has gone wild these last few days depicting Van Jones, an advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, as the man on the inside for a vast cryptosocialist conspiracy involving the Apollo Alliance, Color of Change, the Center for American Progress, George Soros, ACORN, Al Queda, and the Trilateral Commission.

David Roberts already did a good job of debunking this nonsense, so I wont repeat it here.

If one adds this latest crackpot conspiracy theory to the school children speech nonsense, it shows that the inmates are positively taking over the GOP asylum.

Update (9.6.2009):
As could be expected with the absurd amount of paranoid noise going around, Van Jones resigned from his post in the Administration. It is fascinating to me how planet Wingnutia goes bunkers over this stuff while staying completely mute about C-Street and Blackwater. If we go back to the Gilded Age, they will have only themselves to blame.


3 Responses to “Tempest In A Teapot”

  1. pdroorbach Says:

    Funny-I saw and heard several of his comments and he sounded pretty wacked and communistic to me,

  2. mike Says:

    No wonder I cant Find a job

  3. mike Says:

    Its prety hard to debunk his own words.

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