How The Fanatical Religious Right Has Destroyed Movement Conservatism

Max Blumenthal has a great new book out titled “Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party” that explores the toxic effects that the religious right has had not just on the national discourse, but on movement conservatism itself.

Blumenthal discussed some of this in a New York Times op-ed:

IN this summer of town hall disruptions and birth-certificate controversies, a summer when it seemed as if the Republican Party had been captured by its extremist wing, it is worth recalling a now-obscure letter from President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Although Eisenhower is commonly remembered for a farewell address that raised concerns about the “military-industrial complex,” his letter offers an equally important — and relevant — warning: to beware the danger posed by those seeking freedom from the “mental stress and burden” of democracy.

He also wrote about Sarah Palin’s theocratic approach to religion and politics at the Daily Beast:

To those who knew Palin, she was no ordinary hockey mom, but rather an evangelical foot soldier who spearheaded the [conservative Christian] movement’s takeover of local government. Her power base was the Wasilla Assembly of God, a Pentecostal mega-church where she was baptized and spent over 20 years as a member.

Juan Gonzales of Democracy Now! has an extensive interview with Max Blumenthal that explores the matter in some depth.


10 Responses to “How The Fanatical Religious Right Has Destroyed Movement Conservatism”

  1. Linda Says:

    If you hate th Evangelicals so badly, why don’t you go and establish a new government somewhere else with you non-evangelicals in charge. This country was established for religious freedom of expression. If you don’t agree with our beliefs find somewhere better to live out your life! We don’t need your anger and ranting against us. If you can’t tolerate those of us who want evangelism and God in our daily lives, then why do you choose to live in a Christian Nation?

    • rectonoverso Says:

      Your ranting is welcome. Thanks for making my point.

      • Quiddity Says:

        What Linda said. Why do you choose to live in a Christian Nation? Why did you choose to be born in a Christian Nation. Etc.

      • pat man Says:

        The US has never been a christian nation. It is a nation of freedom of religion, which means you can be christian, muslum, atheist or anyting you want. If you want to live in a christian nation then leave because that isnt here. Stop trying to press your religion on everybody else.
        To Quiddity: since when do you get to choose where you are born?
        To Bunky: a radical liberal is just as bad as a radical conservative.

  2. Kramer Says:

    It amazes me why so many non-cheistians want to live in a cristan country. Can anyone answer why they leave their wonderful non-christian countrys, hehe

    • rectonoverso Says:

      The US is NOT a Christian Nation, we have applied one of the greatest ideas ever: seperation of Church and State.

  3. Stephanie Garmon Says:

    Who are you….and why do you hide behind such an adolescent name? At least true libs speak out and show themselves….so do true conservatives…

  4. Bunky Says:

    Let the religious right wing nutjobs keep sabotaging themselves. They are on the wrong side of every social issue and their warped sense of moral superiority necessitates a barf bag.
    It’s amazing how many of these wackos who think this is a “christian” nation have never read the Treaty of Tripoli.
    One thing is clear: religiousness and feeble-mindedness directly correlate.

  5. DennisVega Says:

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  6. Tnelson Says:

    I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

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