Message In A Barrel – Symptom Of A Paranoid Anti-Democratic Sentiment

My position on guns appearing at town hall meetings was well expressed in an editorial of the Washington Post editorial last month.
THE HOSTILITY and anger on display at some recent town hall meetings are disturbing. Shouting down lawmakers is not the best way to get answers to legitimate questions or to propose alternatives to pending health insurance reform legislation. The presence of firearms near events with President Obama this month, however, took our concern to a whole new level.

These events are just a new step stemming from the onslaught of pseudo patriotic gibberish such as the mis-characterization of historical events (pretending we are living under a tyranny) and out-of-context quotes (Thomas Jefferson’s famous “Refreshing Tree Of Liberty“) to somehow justify intimidation tactics in the name of the defense of freedom and liberty, although neither are under threat.

It becomes even more disturbing when religious beliefs are put in the mix as was the case of Chris Broughton, the man who brought an AR-15 rifle and a handgun to an Arizona Obama rally, who said he concurs with Pastor L Johnson’s hate prayers. This is nothing less than a death fatwa and has absolutely nothing to do with the defense of second amendment.

These last events are symptomatic of the dangers radical religious rhetoric has on politics and conversely how the quest of political power is destroying the church.


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