Return Of The Birthers, Sort Of


If anyone still needed evidence that WorldNetDaily‘s main business is to generate internet traffic by pandering to the wackiest of the mentally challenged, he/she need only to take a brief look at the main headlines. It’s all about the birthers including memorabilia such as the above bumper sticker.

This nonsensical campaign reminds me of the American Spectator saga. After two years of muckraking anti-Clinton journalism, The American Spectator went from 30,000 subscribers to 300,000. As Clinton proved to be a Teflon president, the mania deepened and the magazine accused Clinton of murder, drug smuggling, and cheating at golf. In the end, its star investigative journalist converted to liberalism, those remaining defected to other conservative publications, the magazine collapsed and was relaunched as a technology publication, and the Clinton administration barreled forward. Glenn Beck might pull 2.5 million viewers a day, WorldNetDaily might be clocking 2 million unique visitors a month—impressive, if slightly frightening, numbers—but they would be advised to remember the Spectator.

Update (9.10.2009)
Came accross this clip which gives a very good explanation of the Voodoo beliefs of the Birthers

Update (9.27.2009)
TPMTV released the following clip of the Birthermercial being aired on some CBS affiliates

You don’t have to look to hard at the informercial to see it pretty clearly looks like an effort to separate a lot of hyped-up birther rubes from their money, quite possibly to pad the wallets of those in the rube hyping business. The pitch in the informercial is that for a mere $30 you will receive a birther bumper sticker and your name added to a spam fax sent to the Justice Department and the 50 state attorneys general.


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