Dr. Jim Yong Kim On Health Care Delivery

Dr. Jim Yong Kim is a physician and anthropologist who has combined the skills of both to become one of the most acclaimed visionaries in the field of global health. “The world’s troubles are your troubles,” that’s what he urged the recent graduating class of young doctors always to remember. That imperative has been the inspiration for his own work.

His conversation with Bill Moyers is worth listening to. It goes way above the political fray we have been subjected to this last few months.

Another conversation worth watching is Denis Cortese, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic explaining to Charlie Rose a few weeks ago what we should be paying attention to in the health care debate.


One Response to “Dr. Jim Yong Kim On Health Care Delivery”

  1. murray Says:

    Thanks for those links. You are right both men were clearly knowledgeable and articulate.
    Sad we don’t see more of these.

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