Don Quichotte De La Frum

David Frum’s commendable desire to rebuild a sensible conservative movement based on facts and realistic policy proposals has led him to be one of the most strident voices on the right denouncing the paranoid fear mongering of the Glenn Becks of the world.

For some obscure reason he finds that David Horowitz, the left wing anarchist extremist turned right wing conspiracy theorist, merits attention because he can write (so could Goebbels).

He engaged in a childish and fruitless cat-fight with Horowitz and in his latest opus comes up with a gem: Right Wing Leninism. He thereby joins Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism in the Pantheon of nonsense. They both sound like Mexican Sour Kraut or Canadian Couscous, i.e. something anyone with half a brain will dismiss as impossible.

I guess it is the price to pay for the glorious first amendment of our Constitution to have to witness such decadence. Thank God, in our electronic age, no trees had to be sacrificed to publish the works of either of these gentlemen (as well as mine).

However, I cannot help myself from thinking that the quality of the political debate would be greatly improved if pundits, like the founding fathers, had to painstakingly write down their thoughts on paper with a feather-pen and wait 24 to 48 hours for their pamphlets to be printed and distributed.


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