Glenn Beck, Delusion Of Grandeur.

Glenn Beck appeared this morning on Fox & Friends, where he insisted that the the Tea Party march on Washington attracted 1.7 million people. This is more than twice what even the organizers of the event say it was, with the FreedomWorks estimate yesterday being between 600,000 and 800,000. This last figure being in turn ten times the probable real turnout of 60’000 to 70’000.

This was not a small rally. It was also not, in comparison with something like the 2006 pro-immigration protests, a particularly large rally. It was a business-as-usual sort of rally. Mock the protesters at your peril: the sentiments of the 70,000 people who marched on Washington surely mirror those of millions more sitting at home. They were done a disservice by being represented by liars like Kibbe and Beck.

Update (9.15.2009)
A nice collection of the “ten best” signs from the rally can be found here along with a delusional report from the Daily Mail.


2 Responses to “Glenn Beck, Delusion Of Grandeur.”

  1. FastFacts Says:

    I find this a little short of the full situation, there is a lot that was not reported. I find the best article, though written poorly is at:

    This tells an in depth reasoning why ABC is right by saying 75,000 but at the same time they are way off. I won’t ruin the article, read it.

  2. peter Says:

    Recto wasn’t reporting about the rally, but just pointing out the absurdity of the attendance claims. In this respect the link you provide basically confirms his data.
    The fact of the matter is that, agree or disagree with the protesters, they are not well served by such gross lies which completely discredit the whole thing.

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