Obama’s Disarmament Prize

I already mentioned I had been puzzled by Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. William Hartung shared my impression until
…I realized that the honor being bestowed on President Obama is well-deserved for one very good reason: his commitment to work for a world without nuclear weapons.,

I don’t necessarily share his enthusiasm because nuclear disarmament has deep bipartisan support. He does have a point however, in the sense that Obama’s attitude on the matter, including scrapping that stupid shield fantasy, has done much to reduce international tensions.


One Response to “Obama’s Disarmament Prize”

  1. Gramma Says:

    What are you talking about – reducing international tensions? BS Ask the Eastern Europeans how tense they are with Russia getting their way in removing the “shield fantasy.” obama continues to alienate our allies and bolster our “tense” rivals. You can see how “untense” Iran and North Korea are now. What amount of tension do you think is felt in Israel.

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