Why The White House Should Stop Feuding With Fox

Stigmatizing Rush Limbaugh as the “leader of the GOP” was a good idea because he is both outrageous and openly supports the party. But for once I agree with John Batchelor at The Daily Beast in thinking that the White House’s attack on Fox News as a GOP communication “arm” shows its ignorance of the network’s true purpose: show business.

What’s worse than stupid about the conspiracy theory that Fox News is a pachyderm is that it is wrong. Fox News has nothing to do with the Republican Party or its dreary state. “We go to Fox because that’s the only place that will put us on TV,” a desultory Republican source admits. “But they don’t help us by telling everyone that we suck.”


None of what goes on in the evening has anything to do with government. The president and the Congress are discussed as omnipresent villains in a fairytale that begins with a happy kingdom of worthies, introduces an ogre, a witch, and a curse, and then interviews champions to come forward to rescue the frightened children and save the USA. All the while, Ming the Merciless, aka Rupert Murdoch, rakes up the ratings and the bucks.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama should give interviews to the likes of Sheppard Smith and Chris Wallace. Smith in particular has shown he doesn’t take the wingnut fools’ stupidity lightly and has more than once rebuked GOP talking heads and politicians when they serve him their BS.

It could sound strange that I advocate Obama should grant interviews on Fox after calling them entertainment. In my mind MSNBC and CNN are also entertainment and Obama should grant interviews to all of them or none.


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