A Radically Different Worldview

The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait has a review of Democracy Corps’ latest survey about the worldview of conservative Republicans.

The most interesting conclusion from the Democracy Corps survey is the degree to which the GOP conservative worldview stands completely apart from the rest of America. Conservatives do not have a slightly more radical version of the same beliefs as other Americans. They have a completely sealed-off belief system. Even the most right-leaning independents find the right-wing worldview, with its conspiracies and persecution complex, unrecognizable:

“By comparison, the independent voters expressed clear concerns about Obama – especially that he is doing ‘too much, too fast,’ that he is spending too much, that they do not understand his health care reforms, and that he does not have a clear plan for bringing jobs back to the US – some of which certainly touched on the conservative Republicans’ concerns. But they still fundamentally like and respect him on several levels and are very clearly rooting for him to succeed. …

The Republican base voters are not part of the continuum leading to the center of the electorate: they truly stand apart. For additional perspective, Democracy Corps conducted a parallel set of groups in suburban Cleveland. These groups, comprised of older, white, non-college independents and weak partisans, represent some of the most conservative swing voters in the electorate, and they demonstrated a wholly different worldview from Republican base voters by dismissing the fear of “socialism” and evaluating Obama in very different terms.”

Conservatives, giddy at rising public discontent, have repeatedly portrayed a public somehow “waking up” to the reality of Obama that they have seen to clearly all along. But the right remains fundamentally as isolated today as it was in the final dying spasms of the Bush cult.

Update 10.19.2009
Andrew Sullivan is mesmerized as well by the collection of conspiracy theories which drive the Worldview of the Republican base. He rightly points out that it signals the return of Coughlinism.


3 Responses to “A Radically Different Worldview”

  1. Francis C Zellie Says:

    Please don’t believe anything you read on this pseudo website, it is a childish attempt of spurious worthless liberal aggrandizement.

    Or simply put a croc of BS by people that do not work,
    do not produce,
    depend upon you for their personal income,
    incapable of anything constructive.

    Basically leeches

    • Philipp Says:

      And you took time out of your over productive and constructive working day to post that comment.

      Funny how angry comments often better describe their authors than the posts they attack.

      • Sarah Says:

        There are indeed a few childish things on this blog but most of it is well sourced and certainly not BS.

        I don’t know if it is self aggrandizement but the “they are leeches that live at our expense” line is so laughable.

        We, net surfers, all spend to much time on the net , sometimes at the expense of our employers.

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