Cheney Helping Obama?

That’s at least David Corn’s opinion:

But by interjecting himself into the discourse, Cheney sends up a flare: Hey, don’t forget about me and Bush! And that reminder is great for the White House. If the issue is, can Obama succeed in Afghanistan, there’s reason for Obama and his aides to worry. If the debate is Obama versus the Old Gang, the president is the big winner. In the 2008 campaign, he ran against Bush more than John McCain, and that worked out nicely for him. Since taking office, Obama has justifiably noted over and over that he’s been cleaning up the mess left behind by Bush and Cheney. That argument will lose its oomph, the smaller Bush and Cheney become in the rear-view mirror. But here comes Cheney, jumping on the hood, pressing his face against the windshield, and proclaiming, “I’m here.” What could be better for Obama?

This is perhaps true from the Obama’s camp perspective given they can’t stand Dick Cheney and anything he might say against Obama is automatically seen as reason to rally around the President. From the other side however, former Bush/Cheney supporters will also be invigorated.
Difficult to say which of these two popular opinion wavelets is larger. What is sure is that unless either Cheney or the WH bring this up again it will only last a few news cycles.


One Response to “Cheney Helping Obama?”

  1. Peter Jensen Says:

    I agree it’s really not clear who this helps. Reading Corn’s piece it is also obvious he isn’t quite sure either and is very cautious.

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