Iconic Photos

This amazing collection of “Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos” is well worth the visit. The site is updated almost on a daily basis, and is of particular interest because besides well documented events such as the Kennedy brothers’ funerals or the Prague Spring, it pictures events or situations which had an important impact on many people’s lives but are not necessarily remembered, like the two following photos:

International Meridian Conference
In October 1884, forty-one astronomers and representatives from 25 countries gathered in Washington D.C. for the International Meridian Conference to recommend a common prime meridian for geographical and nautical charts that would be acceptable to all parties concerned.

The Hesse Gathering
Victoria came to the British Throne in 1837, largely thanks to her profligate yet legitimately childless uncles, but she nonetheless became the longest reigning British monarch in history. Crowned as the Kaiserin-I-Hind (Empress of India), the Widow of Buckingham–as she was jokingly being called after the death of her husband Albert–ruled over the Empire in which the Sun never set for 64 years.


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