Health Care: No Need to Rush

David Corn
points out why Obama and the Dems in Congress are right not to push through any legislation just to make a deadline:

Deadlines? Who needs stinkin’ deadlines? For months, I’ve been critical of aspects of the Obama White House approach to health care reform. I thought it was a mistake for President Obama, when his approval rating was near 60 percent, to hand off his top-priority domestic initiative to Congress, an outfit with approval ratings near 30 percent. I also thought that the president erred early on by not defining the legislation strongly as a pro-consumer measure (no more denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions and so on), thus rendering it easier for the bill to be defined by the subsequent tussles over the public option and abortion. But as with Obama’s ongoing Afghanistan review, this health care stuff is difficult — especially when moneyed interests, such as the insurance companies, have powerful disincentives to obstruct — and the White House ought not be timed as it navigates this obstacle course.

The Economist concurs: Proceed with caution.


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