Love The Fetus Hate The Child

Rocked by sex and pedophilia scandals, the Catholic church has been losing members by the millions. In light of all that, the church continues to push its way backward in time and pushing it’s pro-life members further away — case in point, Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s denial of communion by Bishop Thomas Tobin.

Of course, what Tobin and others within the church don’t want to bring to light is the fact that they are still protecting accused pedophiles and sex offenders. After the Kennedy story came to light, some brave church victims have stepped up to make their voices heard. From the AP:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters said Tuesday that Rhode Island’s Roman Catholic bishop is not doing enough to protect children from pedophile priests even as he’s taken on Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy for his stance on abortion rights.

A small group of protesters gathered outside Bishop Thomas Tobin’s office in Providence two days after news broke that the bishop had asked Kennedy in 2007 not to take Holy Communion because he supports abortion rights.

“He claims that it’s important that we protect the unborn. But it’s equally as important to protect those who have been born and those young children who have been raped and sodomized by clerics and priests. But yet he seems to protect those clerics,” said Ruth Moore, of Hull, Mass.

The group called on Tobin to publish the names of priests from the diocese who have been convicted of or admitted molesting children, or if a thorough investigation has turned up credible evidence of child molestation, even if no conviction resulted. Read on…


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