More Imagination To Execute Than To Question Death Penalty

A recent article in the The Kansas City Star grabbed my attention:

After a failed execution in September, the state of Ohio may have revolutionized capital punishment in America when it put a different inmate to death last month.

It executed Kenneth Biros on Dec. 8 with a single drug, marking the first time in the United States that a lethal injection was not done with a three-drug “cocktail” that has been the subject of numerous legal challenges in recent years.

Missouri and Kansas prison officials say they have no immediate plans to change their protocols, which employ the three-drug method. But death penalty experts think it’s highly likely that other states will follow Ohio’s lead.

In light of the number of DNA based exonerations, including some death row inmates, that have taken place in recent years, I wish there would be more energy in reforming our justice and penal systems rather than wasting time on imagining new ways to kill. It’s time we drop the death penalty all together. No other “advanced democracy” applies it anymore.


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