Who Feeds Glenn Beck?

The Daily Beast’s John Avlon examines Glenn Beck’s Dark Past. What struck me was this passage of the article:

Beck’s newfound firebrand politics and effectiveness in driving the news cycle had some old friends scratching their heads. “I never got the impression that Glenn is as naturally curious as he appears to be to be bringing the information forward that he is,” said Jim Sumpter. “I don’t know if Glenn’s being fed or if Glenn’s really the driving force. I have no idea. If he’s the driving force, that’s a Glenn Beck I never saw. If he’s being fed, then the showmanship that goes into all of this is classic Beck. Now if Glenn is the showman and the driving force behind bringing the information to the forefront, then, then I think we’re probably looking at near genius in terms of what he’s doing … [but] I don’t think this is Glenn. The catalyst in this thing is not Glenn. Glenn’s the vehicle, not the catalyst.”

In other parts of the article there are other testimonies of surprised former colleges. They aren’t surprised by Glenn Beck’s success because they always thought he was a terrific showman, they are surprised of the field: politics.

Rather than moaning on a daily basis that Beck is a liar and a cheat, his media opponents would be well inspired in doing a little investigative journalism and find out by whom and how the topics of his radio and cable shows are selected. Who is, or are, his puppet master(s)?


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