Groupama III: Around the World in Less than 50 Days

As the bows of the mighty trimaran Groupama 3 passed an imaginary line off of the Créac’h lighthouse at 21:40 UTC on Saturday, the green lady became the fastest boat to circumnavigate the Earth non-stop, ever*. With an all-star crew, and a wind machine he has pushed to the edge and beyond, Franck Cammas has skippered his way around the world faster than any other, and earned one of the most important and coveted awards in sailing, the Jules Verne Trophy.

With a time of 48 days 7 hours and 44 minutes, Groupama 3 comfortably bested the previous record of 50d 16h 20m 4s, held by Bruno Peyron on the catamaran Orange 2 since 2005. This is the same Bruno Peyron who took the original Jules Verne Trophy in 1994 by rounding the world in less than 80 days (the award being based on the Jules Verne Book “Around the World in 80 Days”). This means that in a mere 16 years, the around the world sailing record has been cut nearly in half.


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